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At Care Green Dallas Tree Service, we are committed to two things: keeping trees healthy and keeping customers satisfied! All of our services are designed with those two goals in mind. We have a team of professionals that can help you with tree trimmingtree removaltree pruning, and stump grinding. Getting your trees trimmed and inspected should be done regularly to ensure your trees are properly maintained year-round. Our team of trained Dallas arborists will closely examine the trees on your property to ensure they are not suffering from any type of disease or extensive damage that needs to be treated immediately.


Whether you need emergency tree removal services or simply need a tree trimmed, then you can count on Care Green Dallas Tree Service. We offer tree services for both residential and commercial properties and offer 
free estimates 7 days a week!

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Professional Tree Service Dallas, TX

Looking for a professional tree service in Dallas? Tree services increase the aesthetic appeal of our homes, provide shade, improve air quality, alleviate soil erosion and plenty more. If you’re looking to hire someone consider us! We’re a full-service tree company that provides local residents with quality services like planting, pruning and grinding. We can make your trees healthier or remove problem ones – count on us to do it right!

We are focused on preserving trees. We offer tree care services like planting, maintenance, pruning and trimming to make your trees stronger and healthier. Our fully equipped Dallas team can remove sick or unsound structurally sound from a property safely using both our removal & stump grinding service; this will get rid of undesirable landscapes you now have in place for good!

Our tree service in Dallas, Texas is dedicated to removing any size of trees and stumps for you. We use only the best equipment so we can take care of your issues with ease. Whether it’s just a stump or maybe even an entire tree that needs removal from your landscape, our group will work hard and efficiently at getting everything taken care off quickly!

Tree Removal Services in Dallas, Tx

Searching for reliable Tree Removal in Dallas? The tree in your front yard is a valuable part of the landscape. It provides shade, shelter and decreases energy costs! Unfortunately, there are occasions where you may need to remove it for safety reasons. If your tree has fallen sick or diseased; if it’s infested with pests such as termites or carpenter ants; if its roots have grown too close to roads or buildings (like power lines); then removal might be necessary before someone gets hurt. Make sure to hire a reliable Dallas tree removal company so you don’t risk injury to your home, vehicles or even your neighbors property.

At Care Green Dallas Tree Service, we understand how important your trees are. We’ll remove them safely without harming the environment or nearby buildings and structures; our tree removal process is easy to follow! First off, one of our highly qualified arborist will visit you for an inspection before removing any branches. Then it’s time to cut down the hazardous parts of your beloved plants with a chainsaw – no need to worry about noise complaints as we use electric ones that produce minimal disturbance in this area. Finally, each section is tied up securely so they don’t fall on anyone after being dropped out from high altitudes using ropes and pulleys attached at either end by crane trucks equipped specifically for this purpose too!

If you have large trees in need of tree removal Dallas we’ll use specialized equipment such as cranes, trucks, and wood chippers to eliminate the chance of property damage during tree removal. We will take the necessary precautions to access hard-to-reach areas and remove your trees safely!

Our Tree Services in Dallas – Fort Worth Texas

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Tree Pruning

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Tree Trimming

Tree Pruning

A Dallas Top-Rated Tree Service Company

Dallas has a large variety of tree species that are native to Dallas, Tx. Most commonly you can find Cedar ElmMonterrey Oak TreePecan TreeTexas Mountain LaurelYaupon Holly, and Live Oak to name a few. We are experts in a tree types and can make the right decision for your tree care needs.


Are your property’s trees looking a little more scraggly than strong? Give them what they need to grow by bringing in a team of tree care specialists for an inspection. Care Green Dallas Tree Service is the area’s premier tree service company and has extensive experience with tree care, trimming, and removal. Our team of arborists will examine your property’s trees to make sure they aren’t suffering from disease or extensive damage. We’ll trim back any offending branches to give your trees room to grow and keep them thriving.

A Dallas Top-Rated Tree Service Company

A Dallas Top-Rated Tree Service Company

We make sure our prices are affordable while providing the best quality work.

Insured & Bonded

We are completely insured and bonded, so you can rest assure everything is covered.

Customers Come First

Our customers make our company, which is why we work hard to ensure you are happy after every job.

Quick & Quality Work

We are quick, professional, and efficient with every project we work on.

Why Choose CG Dallas Tree Service?

At Care Green Dallas Tree Service, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are met. We offer a variety of tree care and removal services including: planting trees, pruning limbs or branches off the trunk of your tree’s, trimming anything more than three inches from all sides (including overhanging branches on nearby structures such as power lines) down to bare wood within 30 feet above ground level for safety reasons; cable installation when necessary so you can rest easy about falling limbs during storms; and stump grinding which is absolutely essential if you plan on reselling your property in case no one wants stumps next door. If you’re looking for a tree company to take care of all your needs, then we are the go-to place in Dallas. We value our customers and will make sure they get 100% satisfaction by providing them with free consultations if needed.

Our Professional Tree Services

Tree Removal

Trees pose a safety hazard when they block sunlight for other trees, or are irrevocably injured. When this happens the tree needs to be removed with great precision and technical skill by only professionals due to basic safety concerns. Our team is fully qualified in removing any part of the tree that poses an issue such as branches and roots so long as it does not put your own personal security at risk. Using modern equipment our employees follow all necessary protocols ensuring you have nothing left but peace of mind knowing everything was done correctly while maintaining complete transparency throughout the process from start until completion.

Stump Removal

Stump removal can be a difficult process with different techniques, depending on the type of stump. For example, if it is decayed and soft enough you may use grinding or burning to remove it but more often than not we’ll walk away from this task because digging out the roots takes so much time and energy as well as money that’s worth spending for other tasks like planting new trees. Stumps left behind after tree removals are dangerous since they decay over time attracting insects that will eventually damage surrounding healthy plants. Therefore people usually have two options: either grind them down into wood chips using an electric sawmill or burn them until nothing remains inside in order to get rid of any leftover pieces of rotten material.

Tree Trimming

Like any other living thing, trees and plants can also get sick or damaged. Arborists need proper certification to treat them; just having a detailed knowledge of the tree isn’t enough. Tree surgeons must diagnose different symptoms in order to recommend treatment plans that are most appropriate for each individual situation–thus, it is important not only for arborist companies but all those who offer advice related to tree health based on experience alone.

They then have to be looked after by arborists known as tree surgeons who diagnose the problem with a detailed knowledge of different symptoms so they know what treatment plan will work best for your individual needs.

Tree Trimming Services in Dallas – Over 25 Yrs Experience

Care Green Dallas Tree Service is your premier tree service in the Dallas metroplex. We’ve got over 25 years of experience and can help you with any size job, from a simple trim to removal services for dead or hazardous trees. Care

Green Dallas Tree Service understands the importance of a healthy tree. A happy and satisfied client means they are at ease knowing their trees will be taken care of properly, so it’s important to us that you’re able to enjoy your yard without any worries.

 If you’re looking for a Dallas tree service company to solve all your tree service needs, look no further than us! We offer certified Arborists with over 25 years of experience who are ready and able to tackle any project that comes their way. From expertly removing dead or diseased trees in the most environmentally friendly ways possible so they don’t harm other plants around them, trimming branches out of our power lines’ paths before an outage occurs.

All Your Dallas Tree Care Needs

Tree Trimming

Keep your trees safe with our tree trimming services

Tree Prunning

Tree running is important for the tree to be healthy year round

Residential Tree Services

Keep your home safe year round with our tree care services

Tree Removal

Our professionals will get rid of your trees for you

Stump Grinding

Have a stubborn tree you don’t want? We will take care of it!

Commercial Tree Services

We provide full tree care for commercial properties across the DFW

Location Dallas, Texas

Our professionals will get rid of your trees for you


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