Changing Locks on a New Home

If you’ve just bought a new house, the first thing you should always do is change the locks. For one thing, you have no idea how many copies of the keys that the previous homeowner has made for friends, family, and other strangers. Those people will still have access to your house long after the old owner is gone.
Getting Started (H1)
This process can start even before you close on the house. Take an inventory of all the different types of locks in the home and remember that every entrance should be changed, even back doors, garage doors, and basement doors.
Selecting Hardware (H2)
When choosing hardware, look for the code number on the packaging. For locks that have the same code number, use the same key. Meaning you’ll have fewer keys to keep track of. Using the same key will usually only work with two for the same style locks bought at the same time if you need multiple styles of locks, a deadbolt, knob, and even a lever. For example, most home centers and hardware stores can rekey the locks when you buy them, so you only have to worry about one master key for every lock in the house.
Changing a Deadbolt or Knob (H3)
It’s effortless to change a deadbolt or a knob on the door, and it only requires a screwdriver to do it. Directly back out the two screws on the inside of the door to remove the interior and exterior portions. On the edge of the door, you have a spring-loaded striker right here for the knob. At the top, you have a latch right here for the deadbolt. Two screws hold those in on each one. You don’t always have to replace them if you’re not changing the finish.
Installing New Hardware (H4)
To install new hardware, reverse the process. Most locks are built to accommodate doors of all sizes, so it doesn’t take much to get the new fit. Changing the locks on your doors is a simple project that only takes a few minutes, and it gives you peace of mind in your new home.